Brand Vs Dupe: Matte Lipsticks (Kylie Lipkits vs NYX)


Hello there friends! As promised I have the first lip stick post for you! I wear lipstick every day. I also have long hair that will immidiately stick to my lips unless I’m wearing matte lipstick. So when matte lipsticks started to become a thing a while back, the first brand I bought were the KIKO unlimited stylo. This was around the time the very first Kylie Lipkit came out in the U.S. It took a long while after that[Read more]

Dupe Vs Brand: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer / NYX Photo-Loving Primer


Hello there friends, being a college student and beauty enthusiast at the same time I often find myself asking “Is [high end brand makeup product] really worth splurging on or will the drugstore alternative do the job just as fine? Because often times the brand Make up is twice or 3 times the price that the “Dupe” is. And there are products that you should buy from the “original” brand but many times, the formular is very similar and close[Read more]