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Travelling with anxiety

Hello there friends! Welcome back! Today I wanted to talk about a topic that affects so many: Anxiety. I’ve had my share of encounters with anxiety and I know that especially with anxiety disorders like panic disorders or agoraphobia it often feels like you are missing out on a lot of fun; especially travelling. I get nervous in planes but what gives me real anxiety is trains, buses and trams. So over many years I have tried many strategies to cope with anxiety and still get around. Regardless of my anxiety and sometimes because of it (exposure therapy) I have still tried to travel as much as possible. It is hard at times but I honestly had the best times of my life after plane rides. I only ever had to cancel one trip (to London – we were going to see Harry Potter World too so you can imagine…

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Brand Vs Dupe: Matte Lipsticks (Kylie Lipkits vs NYX)

Hello there friends! As promised I have the first lip stick post for you! I wear lipstick every day. I also have long hair that will immidiately stick to my lips unless I’m wearing matte lipstick. So when matte lipsticks started to become a thing a while back, the first brand I bought were the KIKO unlimited stylo. This was around the time the very first Kylie Lipkit came out in the U.S. It took a long while after that until Kylie Cosmetics started shipping to Germany, but when they did I manged to get my hands on 2 Lipkits and a lip gloss before they stopped shipping to Germany again. If you’ve read my Kylie Lipkit Review, you’ll know how much I fell in love with the products. And now I once again have no way of getting my hands on them. So I have spent many hours searching…

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Dupe Vs Brand: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer / NYX Photo-Loving Primer

Hello there friends, being a college student and beauty enthusiast at the same time I often find myself asking “Is [high end brand makeup product] really worth splurging on or will the drugstore alternative do the job just as fine? Because often times the brand Make up is twice or 3 times the price that the “Dupe” is. And there are products that you should buy from the “original” brand but many times, the formular is very similar and close to the same when it comes to makeup products. But when you look to the Beauty side of Youtube often times (understandably) only expensive high end products are used. There are “Drug store tutorials” but these tend to be the exception. I have to admit if a Beauty expert is praising a certain brand product that it does influence me, even if often times they are paid to do so.…

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