Hello friends,

I finally have time to Blog again!

The semester is over, all of my exams are done and I can finally get some Blogposts up.

I’ll start my 4th semester of law school in April and I’m currently interning at a law firm. Today we had a trial and at Court we had 3 female judges.

On International Women’s Day!

I thought was pretty cool and empowering!

So my days have been: Studying, working and eating, not in that particular order.

But today I have 3 Blogposts going up: a mini-series of reviews of my favorite Lipsticks!

IMG_1096There will be 2 categories and 2 posts following this short introduction so scroll down for the following posts::

Brand Vs Dupe: Matte Lipsticks ( Kylie LipKits VS NYX Lingerie)


Classic Red Lipstick Battle – Matte, Glossy or Liquid?

Let’s get going! Click on whichever post you want to read!

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