Hello there and Welcome to my Blog!

My Name is Rose and I’m a 20 year old university student with a love for fashion, beauty and food.


My Blog is a place where I share recipes and beauty tips, outfit choices and Netflix suggestions, personal stories and University advice.

My approach to everyday Fashion is best put in the quote: “Designer is not fashion. Fashion is when you can wear a $30 shirt and make it look like $300.” Of course I agree that Designer is in fact fashion. But most of us can’t afford Designer clothes to wear to class or for a lunch date so I will focus on affordable outfits that look like a million bucks.

When talking about Beauty I have to admit I’m still learning myself and I will share all the little tips and tricks I learned so far and will still figure out with you guys.

 I’m not blogging from a fancy office in a big house but rather from a comfy bed in my 24 m2 studio apartment that I love with all of my heart.


As I’m a University student myself I will do my best to occasionally give a few tips and some advice on things I had to figure out myself like how to make a declicious meal for one or how to best stay active during final week or what are healthy snacks and cute but comfy outfits for class.

So if any of that spoke to you I would love for you to stick around!

I hope you have the loveliest day!

x Rose