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New beginnings…

I’m back!



This is probably the third or fourth time I have returned to blogging after not logging onto wordpress for 6 months or more.
I wish I could confidently say: “This time I’m going to be consistent! I’ll have a post up every week!” but that would be a promise I’d have to break sooner or later.
Because university does come first for me, always.
And I’m always super optimistic about being able to do both when I’m on break like right now but usually once the semester really starts, time spent blogging is just better invested in studying for exams.
So I can’t promise you consistency. But I can promise you that when I post, I will have spent the time I needed to be happy and confident with a post instead of rushing it because I felt like I didn’t post in time. I’ve done that twice to the point of where my blog was growing but I was so unhappy with my content that I deleted it all and started over.

This really is just a creative outlet for me. So if you’ve stumbled upon here and you enjoy my posts, feel free to follow me because I *can* promise you that you won’t be flooded with daily notifications. 😉

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