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Worth the Hype? – Kylie Lip Kits


Hey there friends!

There has been a huge hype surrounding the KylieCosmetic Lipkits that everyone (including me) seemed to be captured by.

My friends and I are just as guilty of being those girls who set an alarm, sat in front of the laptop with our credit cards and a list ready to try to get every shade before it sells out.

People have been making it their missions to get Lipkits, preparation and all, because somehow they still sell out despite being around for while now and being released in bigger quantities than when they first came out.

And the question everybody who has not fallen for the Lipkit-mania yet asks themselves:

Are they worth the hype?

I know I’m late to the party with a Kylie Lip Kit Review, but I wanted to make sure I wore all shades multiple times to be able to give you a honest opinion that goes beyond just the color or first impression.


img_0641-2Unfortunately KylieCosmetics has stopped shipping to the country I live in so I could not get my hands on more colors. It takes about 2 months for them to arrive when you order them to Europe and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on products that I didn’t even know I’d like.

But the shades I was able to buy are: The Dolce K Lipkit, The Candy K Lipkit and the Literally Lipgloss.

Dolce K:

Let me start by saying that this was the one shade I wanted so desperately! Kylie had been wearing a dark taupe lipstick for a long while before the Lipkits ever came out and I made it my personal mission to find one just like it.

So when Dolce K came out I was convinced that was the shade I had been looking for in every possible makeup store and aisle.

I talked so much about it by the time I was able to order it for myself my friend had already ordered me one for my birthday. So by July I had 2 of Dolce K, one which I gave to my friend.

I love dark lipsticks and I love matte Lipsticks but I have to say Dolce K does not live up to its hype.

I love the other LipKits but I find that Dolce K dries my lips significantly more than the other shades. It might still be the old formular, I heard that they improved it and my other Lipkit is much nicer. It does tend to get clumpy.

The funniest thing about the Lipkits is that they look completely different on every person.

While Candy K and Dolce K look extremely dark on me, they look much lighter on my friend (who has the same complexion as me but she is blonde so that might be root of it).


In these close-ups they look much lighter than in reality, I will share a pic of me wearing Dolce K on my Instagram if you want to see that.

It still is a pretty color but it looks nothing like it does on Kylie, on me. It’s application is easy and smooth and it smells amazing but it does dry my lips horribly.

I do like it, but when it runs out I would not buy it again. I think I would opt for Exposed.

(A great alternative is the Ultimate Stylo Lipstick from Kiko in the shade 13 Cocoa)


Candy K:

img_0654-2I love this shade so much! I was so excited about getting Candy K and it did live up to the hype.

Its texture is really smooth when applying and it looks amazing when it’s dried. It doesn’t get clumpy or dry my lips! I think it’s the new formula.

Also it has a much nicer wand than the older ones.

This one is my favorite.


The shade is much darker in real life, I will post a picture of that on my instagram as well.

It’s so pretty and has a beautiful matte look, that makes it look like your not wearing lipstick at all (aside from the color).

It stays on all day without coming off and looks just like it was just applied.

It smells amazing, a sweet vanilla-chocolatey scent.

Candy K really is a product that is worth the hype.






I never wear Lipglosses. Ever. This is the only Lipgloss I own.

That is because until last month I always had very long hair and lots of it that will just stick to my face and I hate that.

I live in a quite windy country and my hair kind of does its own thing so I always have to pick it off my lips when I wear any non-matte Lipstick.

But I am willing to live with that struggle for this Lipgloss.

I love it so much. I wear it more often than my LipKits because it just has the most beautiful color.

It’s a darker nude color and it doesn’t make me look paler than I am.

I don’t like the wand, because the application is quite a struggle with it, they could’ve designed that better.

But still once you put in on it looks amazing.


Of course it’s not really long-lasting because it’s a gloss, so you do have to re-apply it throughout the day but it’s a Lipgloss so it’s normal.

I really love this gloss so much, it really lives up to the hype.

The Glosses have been promoted with a cool video but never gained quite the same popularity as the LipKits, but I love “Literally” quite a lot so I would consider buying another Gloss too.


img_0895   img_3377

These are the packages they come in. I love the design and the little card with a message from Kylie.




Conclusion: In my humble opinion Candy K and the Literally Gloss do live up to their hype, while Dolce K does not.


I’m very bad at swatches but it’s from top to bottom: Dolce K Lipliner & Lipstick, Literally Gloss, Dolce K Lipstick& Lipliner


I hope you liked this post, let me know if you’d like more “Worth the Hype?” Reviews of popular products.

What do you think about the Kylie LipKits? And which one are you trying to get your hands on? (For me it’s “Exposed”)

Hope you have a lovely day

x Rose

Dupe Vs Brand: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer / NYX Photo-Loving Primer


Hello there friends,

being a college student and beauty enthusiast at the same time I often find myself asking “Is [high end brand makeup product] really worth splurging on or will the drugstore alternative do the job just as fine?

Because often times the brand Make up is twice or 3 times the price that the “Dupe” is. And there are products that you should buy from the “original” brand but many times, the formular is very similar and close to the same when it comes to makeup products.

But when you look to the Beauty side of Youtube often times (understandably) only expensive high end products are used.
There are “Drug store tutorials” but these tend to be the exception.

I have to admit if a Beauty expert is praising a certain brand product that it does influence me, even if often times they are paid to do so. Because it does look amazing on them. And I (and probably a lot of you) often times feel like I can’t archieve that exact look without the exact product.

So today I want to start a series of Brand Vs Dupe reviews from products I have used and give you my raw, honest opinion to maybe/hopefully save you a few bucks (either because you’re buying the cheaper Dupe or because you don’t have to buy the Dupe to realize it’s not good and then buy the brand).

Please note that these are just my personal opinions, my experiences might be completely different than other’s!

Today I want to start this Blog Series with Primers: 

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer (Brand) – 34€

NYX Photo-loving Primer (Dupe) – 12 € 

KIKO Mat Base Corrector (Dupe) – 9€


I want to start off with the cheapset one: The KIKO Mat Base Corrector Primer, which I didn’t mention it in the title for a reason.

KIKO is an italian make up brand that has recently expanded to the USA.  I am a big fan of them and they have the most amazing matte lipsticks.
They even have a Dolce K color-Dupe that existed before Kyliecosmetics ever did.

But this Primer can not be compared to the NYX and Smashbox Primers.

It has a very solid consistency and it takes a bit of muscle power to get it out of the tube. That already is a minus in my book because the texture is just already very unpleasant for something that you are about to put on your entire skin.

It’s very hard to evenly apply, it gets very patchy.

My skin tends to get shiny and oily so I needed a Primer that promises to keep my face matte and keep my makeup from “melting” off.
It does give you a matte look but it dries out my skin almost immidiately.

I bought this one for my Prom 2 years ago and didn’t end up wearing it for the big night.

It hurts my heart to say it because I love the brand, but the Mat Base Corrector is just a bad primer.


Next up is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer, so that I have a few points to compare the NYX primer to.

This Primer costs 3 times the Money that the NYX primer does, so I opted for a travel size, to test it before committing to it.

And I must say if you have oily skin or just need a matte maker that will keep your makeup from coming off during the whole day/night you might really love this primer!

It has a very nice texture. It has a gel-like consistency and I was able to apply it nicely and evenly.

It doesn’t dry your skin out or feel weird on your skin and it really does it’s job! It’s gotten me through a 32 degree summer day without smudging or making my face shiny.


Because I did like the smashbox primer so much the probably most interesting part is coming up now:

How did the NYX “Dupe” hold up in comparison?


I think it is a perfect dupe.

It has the same texture and consistency, it’s just as easily applied and for me it was even just as long lasting!

My makeup doesn’t smudge and my face isn’ t shiny anymore. Everything stayed in place all day and all night and my foundation looked much smoother.

Update: I have been using the NYX primer regularly for a while now and I am still as impressed as I was at the beginning!

This really is a time where you can save a ton of money and still get the same result.



I hope this review was helpful!

Let me know you’re opinion or experience with these primers  and what Brand Vs Dupe you’d like to see next!
xo Rose